Welcome To The Future of IFR Training

IFR Glasses is a buzzing, young company on the verge of revolutionizing the industry of IFR devices. By simply paying attention to the wants and needs of pilots, IFR Glasses has developed two extraordinary view limiting devices, Old Foggies™ and Cloud-eeze™. While other IFR training glasses have kept true to original designs, IFR Glasses is helping the industry evolve with today's pilots.

The two biggest needs that IFR Glasses has heard are comfort and function, with the added desire to not break the bank in the process. We developed our glasses with this in mind. Cloud-eeze are a direct rival to Foggles and Jeppshades, mixing a comfortable design, ratcheting and telescoping temples for optimal fit, and a price point below both Foggles and Jeppshades.

We took this philosophy a bit further with the development of the Old Foggies™, adding in custom-powered reading lenses to the frames. This is an idea that has been sitting on the table for some time, and was yet to be realized by the competition. IFR Glasses has taken this idea and made a product that will allow pilots to never again have to wear two different pairs of glasses to be able to fly IFR and still read his/her charts.